All natural / Homemade Deodorant Recipe

So, this is the first installment of my attempt to slowly replace every chemical in my house with something natural, safer, and preferably cheaper.  I have sensitive skin, and my family is allergic to the fragrances found in commercial items (laundry detergent, soaps, deodorant, you name it).  We all know the toxins found in commercial products, and I cringe every time I have to wash my hands with this stuff, or apply goopy chemicals to my underarms just to smell better.

Yesterday I delved into the art of making my own deodorant.  I gathered up my ingredients, measured them all out, and in 10 minutes had my own stick of deodorant to try out. 
You can find the full recipe here:

A few things that went wrong: 

  1. I feel that I added too much baking soda or the mixture was too cold for it to dissolve, the texture feels a little granular to me.  That might turn people off.  The upside? When you apply the stuff to your underarms, it doesn’t feel granular on the skin.
  2. The butter/beeswax cools FAST.  I made two mistakes here.  There first, I used a pot that was way too big for a single batch.  You don’t need bigger than a pot/pan you would use to heat up a can of soup.  Second, I tried to transfer the mixture to a smaller bowl, thinking it would be easier to stir in the rest of the ingredients.  I had to scrape it out of the bowl and re-melt it before adding the baking soda. I’m not sure if that made a difference in the outcome of the product. 
  3. The beeswax and Kokum butter took forever to melt, next time I’ll use a double boiler.  Or even better, an old soup can in a pot of boiling/simmering water works great as a double boiler 🙂
  4. I used Calendula infused in Extra Virgin Olive oil.  I should have used something with more antibacterial properties.
  5. I used the wrong scale so there was a lot of guess work
  6. I couldn’t find illipe Butter.  I substituted it for more Shea butter, so I don’t know if this had any effect on the general “texture” of the final product.

All and all the deodorant is working great, despite my screw ups :).  I applied the deodorant around 10am, walked all around walmart in 80 degree weather for an hour or so, and no smell.  I don’t have the “ugh” feeling I get when I use my traditional deodorant, nor do I have the urge to scratch.  I feel fresh, dry and clean.  IF I stick my nose into my shirt, I can get a TINY whiff of sweat, but its not strong enough for anyone to notice unless they shove their nose under my arms.   Next time I’ll use an infused oil that has antibacterial properties, and the right equipment, and it’ll be perfect.

My fiance says our kitchen smells like an Apothecary now.  He better get used to it once that Overtime money from work starts rolling in, next step is shampoo 🙂

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